Kate's summer. One year before I was born.

Here is to our day at ACBH. Kate was beyond exited and I just loved it so so much. And here is a fun fact - I've just changed the batteries in my vintage Olympus and it set the date to 1987. So here is our small time machine and little bit of time traveling, I guess. 

I've made a summer playlist on Spotify for you to enjoy this Friday night. Thank you for sharing the vibe! ✨

Annenberg Community Beach House, Santa Monica, July 2016. 

Instagram 3x3

Пост на русском по ссылке. 

I feel thankful to Instagram an all around mobile photography for being able to capture those unpolished moments in-between. I cherish them so, so much and believe they are the life. 

Here are 3 everyday stories in sets of 3 pictures. I like this format so chances are that I will continue that way. 


Peterson Automotive Museum. I was starring at the Vogue 1930's cover for 5 minutes.Typography, composition, colors and tape on the magazine's spine. Surrealism in sky clouds and lighting made that day too. 


Road to Malibu. We were running much later than planned. But still, driving PCH is a proven way to become instantly happy.
First picture - location named La Costa Beach - no more words needed. 

Probably the best gelato in town shared with dear friends. Beverly Hills, California, winter 2016. I hope we will remember that day.

Please join us for Gelato next time :) 

Palm Springs Road | Alena Timchenko by KK for Raketa mag.

The free soul is rare, but you know it when you see it - basically you feel good, very good, when you are near or with them.
— Charles Bukowski

Hot dusty and airy Palm Springs desert. Photo session about bold choices and personal journeys with electric muse Alena Timchenko wearing Olesya Shipovskaya laconic clothes . Has been featured in Raketa magazine Photography issue. 

Model: Alena Timchenko 

MUAH: Lena Novitsky 

Fashion designer: Olesya Shipovskaya studio-nebo.com

Photo & edit: Ksenia Koldaeva


The simple magic of life

While on my journey path there always will be the outstanding things. Things of the different order of magnitude. The ones that stay in the end. Life and death, space and universe, who-we-are and why-we-came questions. And while I keep wrapping my mind around all this the miracle of life happens. Simply, ordinary, beautifully. 

My incredible friend Katia and your family, congratulation on your new little one. May Max be blessed, happy and healthy new human. 



Earth photograph from  here . 

Earth photograph from here

Impromtu trip

I think 2/3 of our trips are impromptu. On Sunday morning I can easily jump in the car, drive hundreds miles to explore, to change the place, to discover. I just have to go places.  And  that was the case. I had a slight hope to spot grey whales in Point Dume this year but this treat is still left for future. 

There was I guy who told me he could deal with my Mamiya and take a picture of 3 of us. Well, I guess he can. 

Her daydream was about Unicorns being real. That way we can have one in the stall and she can ride one. 

There were a lot of seals down there making authentic sounds. 

Now is the question where to go next?

Celebrating the friendship. Housewarming winter gathering


Some moments are like sparkles, some make our days, some moments give us a minute to stop and fill us with energy. And nothing can be compared with warm and joyful experience of good friends gathering. 

For three years now my dear friend Alena spend her winter months here in LA, where much warmer weather comparing to other parts of our planet could be still pretty chilly. 

Putting aside our multiple projects and collaborations this year, that day was all about being relaxed and feeling recharged with Alena's special remedies. Homemade ice cream with matcha green tea served with warm fruits and dark chocolate, how does that sound for you? In those moments I think she is a little fairy who's bringing peace and warmth in my soul with her charming cooking passion.

Photos: Ksenia Koldaeva

Canon EOS 3, Kodak portra 800.


Two cups of the best chamomile tea, two chocolate cakes, Holiday feel in the air (literally) and underexposed Nishika photos.

Someday in 2014 at Joan's on 3rd.