Ksenia Koldaeva is lifestyle photographer based in Los Angeles, CA. 

Ksenia's photography path started in 2008 after she pursued her hobby and studied various shooting technics from classical portrait to studio fashion and beauty photography aiming to develop her own vision. 

That is her move to Los Angeles in 2011 that has crucially  influenced her photography style. Thanks her genuine interest in the surrounding reality, California nature and light she developed a strong eye as a visual storyteller, here in LA which she gladly calls her home at the present moment. Ksenia has passion for people, details, well styled environment, color, but most of all for a natural pulse of the life.

 She mixes photojournalistic and classic portrait approaches to unfold her stories. She loves shooting with natural light using different mediums among which analog are her favorite ones.

Through her work she strives to convey the balance  between her adventurous rock 'n roll spirit and the great appreciation of slow moments. She likes to let imperfect life sparkles pour on her images and focuses on the given moment. 

On her blog and Instagram page she shares her personal and working projects. That's there she plays with vintage cameras and compose her essays about small instants that mean. 

Enjoy Ksenia's digital portfolio book. 


Venice, CA. Makers - Veter Magazine

Farmers market afternoon - Veter Magazine

Venice, CA. Atmosphere - Veter Magazine

Hallee and Ryan. Venice, CA - Veter Magazine

Spence Baby. Fall 2014 Lookbook 



Commercial and fashion photography

• Brand and concept developing
• Location scouting
• Creative commercial and fashion photography
• Post production, photo editing
• Lookbook creation

Lifestyle photography

• Lifestyle editorial
• Vendors’ portrait (makers, florists, small stores owners, farmers, etc)
• Artists’ portrait 
• Model tests


• Personal portrait
• Couple sessions
• Family stories